Monday, October 12, 2015

Art Journal - We Found Love - ArTsY MoNdAy

Hi friends

Happy Monday! I have a new artsy Monday project for you too today. This art journal page is inspired by the two characters on the magazine page I used to collage as background on this page.
I used my old Chinese magazines and I saw two Characters says Love, and it instantly gave me the ideas of what I want to do on this project.

I re-discovered some product in my stash too this time, and I decided that for every artsy Monday project, I will keep re-discovering the product in my stash. Over the years I have "hoarded" many things. Sometimes after a product is being used couple times, I will just tucked them back in the corner. Since art journal is really meant to be playful and a place to do whatever you want, I want to shop in my neglected stash and play with fun techniques.

Check out my video for product used. I listed them in the description box.


Thanks for looking <3
Stay Creative

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