Monday, March 31, 2014

Mixed Media Scrapbook Layout For OUAS

Hi Friends :)

Today I am sharing a layout I made for Once Upon A Sketch. As always, we have all kinds of fabulous prize. Come check us out and play alone~!

 This little dove in the picture is a poor dove my honey and I found in a public garage. She is stumbling and running into cars and walls. We saw blood on her head, so we decided that we needed to help her. Since she is not walking fast, we caught her and took her home for a night. Gave her food and water, covered her little cage with towel so it's dark there and she will feel safe. The next day we sent her to a wildlife organization so she can get treatment. The vet told us her head skin is totally separated from her head. It's the dry blood that is adhering the skin to the head. 

This is not a huge event, but this really changed how I look at helping others. Just like my title, everyone needs love. Had we not caught this dove, she would have died. So now I pay more attention to my surroundings and those who need help. 

The leave and flourishes are cut out from my dies from Diemond Dies. I love their intricate dies!! All the stamps are from Prima, but I carved one of them. I carved the square pattern stamp. You will see it in the video, it's the pink color stamp. I used prima's sunrise sunset paper for the layering. And of course, I used TONS of Shimmerz Product. I just love how Shimmerz Product makes everything so beautiful and vibrant ;)

Here is the start-to-finish video:

Thank you so much for looking :))

Stay Creative <3

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Altered Photo Frame Stand

Hi Friends :)

Today I wan to share an altered photo frame stand I made. I didn't put any photos in there, but I know I will be putting a photo in there for my next photo frame stand. This photo stand is from SaCrafters Zibbet Store, and so is every wood embellishment on this project. I LOVE the heart, the lattice pattern gate behind the heart, and the little doors. Trims used on this project are from The Piece By Piece. The leaf trims are just beautiful!! Look at dangling trim!! That is definitely one of my favorite trim.

Every embellishment is colored using Shimmerz product (mention my name for free product, hehe). Although I love the plain wood look, I also love colorful projects, lol. I also stamped some little text onto the wood wings to give it more texture. It's the quick way to decorate a big plain wood embellishment. For those embellishments that have big plain surface area, just add some colors can be quite boring (i think). A quick stamping will solve that problem.

If you want to see the process, here is the Start-to-finish video:

Monday, March 17, 2014

Mixed Media Altered Canvas For Shimmerz

Hi Crafters :)

Today I want to share with you guys an altered canvas I made for Shimmerz. The color theme I am going for is red, yellow and purple. I added some green and turquoise color as well just to break the warmness the canvas has. 

I sprayed the background with No Yoking (coloringz), Princess (Vibez), and Grape Escape (Vibez) first. Then I cut out some sticky back fabric strips and layered them onto the canvas. I then sprayed the same colors onto the fabric strips.

Here is the start-to-finish video:

The cute wood door and spoon are from SaCrafters and the wing and gears are from Creative Embellishment. I colored each embellishment with different art medium to make them match the color theme, and give them more texture.

These two metal filigree flowers are inspired by Cynthialoowho on youtube. I colored the flower with Jilted Jade and Periwinkle (shimmerz). Like I mentioned before, I used some blue and turquoise color to break the super warm theme.

I had so much fun creating this canvas, hope you like it too :)))

Product List:
--Coloringz: No Yoking
---Vibez: Princess, Grape Escape, Jeni B Bleu
--Dazzelerz: Tutti Frutti, Grapetastic
--Shimmerz: Jilted Jade, Periwinkle

Next time when you shop with Shimmerz, mention my name in the "add special instruction to the seller" for a free product :)

Stay Creative <3

Shabby Chic Wall Hanging For TPBP (Start-to-Finish)

Hi guys :)

In this post, I want to share a shabby chic wall hanging I created for The Piece By Piece. This is my second try on a traditional shabby chic style. I did not use any art medium on this project, which is a hard thing to do for me, LOL. 

All the trims and embellishments you see on this project are from The Piece By Piece. If you think these trims are yummy, you are right! hehe, I had so much fun creating this wall hanging and playing with all the beautiful trims.

The flower at the center of this wall hanging is made using trims from TPBP. It's my first shabby chic flower and I think I did a pretty good job. To make this flower, I just took a tutu trim and a crochet trim from TPBP and glued them to the places I want. I also layered them to make the flower more fluffy.

Here is the start-to-finish video:

 I don't have any fabric in hand to make this wall hanging, so I took my duc tape and created a duc tape fabric for the wall hanging base. I did not show how I created the duc tape fabric in the video, because there are many tutorials on how to do this on youtube.


Many trims in TPBP can be cut and used individual applique or embellishments. The black leaf trim and the flower trims are perfect for that. I cut out three leaves from the leaf trim and created a little fan shape corner. Then I cut out some flowers from the flower trims to decorate the corners more.


I love all the resin and crystal flowers in TPBP. They just adds instant pop of colors and instant beauty to everything.


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Stay Creative <3

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Altered Mini Picnic Basket For SaCrafters

Hi Crafters :)

Today I want to share a super fun and quick project with you. This is an altered mini picnic basket. Sa has recently designed this super duper cute mini picnic basket. Since I just love all kinds of mini stuff, I had to alter this one.

I used Prima's Lyric paper to cover the basket. I did not make this basket a functional basket. The lids can't be opened and closed. One door is glued open and the other is glued shut. So this basket is more like a home decor. However, this basket is perfect to store all kinds of little trinkets. 

Here is the start-to-finish video:

I want to make it very girly and mixed media shabby chic. So I added tons of beautiful flowers and a prima flower vine to this basket. I used ton of Shimmerz paints to color and altered embellishments.

I want the music notes to look like they are floating, so I glued them on to the flower vine.

 I love Sa's fancy heart. It is so intricate and so beautiful. So I used one on this project to add a more romantic look.

I hope you like this project. It is super fun to make and doesn't take much time at all.
Here is the product list: 

Stay Creative <3