Monday, October 26, 2015

Art Journal Page - Watercolor Flower - ArTsY MoNdAy

It's Monday again! For today's ArTsY MoNdAy, I am sharing another art journal page. I never get tired of making art journals.

I have been doing lots of watercolor painting lately and I wanted a way to use the watercolor painting in my art journal page. First I was going to just paint with watercolor directly without sketching flower out first, but then I realized it's going to be hard to apply the acrylic background around it later on without an online to follow. That's why I sketched out the flowers first and painted the background around it. On this page, the flowers are the main focus. So the background is kept clean and simple. 

Because of the simplicity of the background, I drew a border around the page to frame it a little. I wish I had a little glitter pen that could add some shine to the black part of the border. That would look amazing! If you had the chance to do that, please let me know!!

Tip: To create the beautiful watercolor look, drop in different colors while it's wet.

 T U T O R I A L


-Sakura Souffle White Pen

Thanks for looking!
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