Thursday, November 20, 2014

♫ Shimmerz Mixed Media Art Journal Page

Hiii friends :)

Today I am sharing an art journal page I created using ton of yummmmy Shimmerz paints. Scroll to the end for the product list.

Recently I have been crazy about teal and green colors, so as you can see, this art journal page is pretty green :) I used paints in different shades to add the subtle color variation. I think one or two colors could be a little big dull on art journal page, so I grabbed many different paints that are about the same color but has different tones. On this page, you can see the different greens, blues, and oranges.  

I layered some paper as background, and I wrinkled up the edges of the paper to give it more texture so they don't look like they are all one layer.

Around the heart shape, I used some darker color paints to create a shadow effect, and it will make the heart shape pops out more.


Product Used
Vibez: Sunset Strip, Jenni B Bleu
Inklingz: Steely Blue Eyes, Giddy About Green
Shimmerz: Orange Sherbet, Jilted Jade
Dazzelerz: Coral Me Crazy
Coloringz: Well Blue Me Down, Peachy Keen

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