Monday, January 11, 2016

Card with Pattern Paper & Embellishments Made By You

Hi friends

Have you sometimes find that you just can't find the paper or embellishments you like in your stash even though you have quite a bit of collection? It happened to me and I decided to just make my own paper and embellishments.

With my love for watercolor, I made a watercolor leaf pattern background and watercolor embellishments. If you like this background paper, scroll down the page and you will find the image. Feel free to download and use it for you own. In the printing option window, you can rescale it to different percentage to make it smaller to fit your need.

In the video tutorial, you will find how I created the background paper. The key is to not draw anything with the same color in the same vertical or horizontal line or it won't look natural.

Thank you for looking!
If you tried it out please share with me <3
Stay Creative :)

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