Thursday, August 6, 2015

Go Pink With Me

Hi friends :)

Today I am on Flying Unicorn Forum with this fun Playdate Thursday post. This time, we are going pink!!!

Every once in a while, I will miss pink colors and the pink vibe came when I was making this projects. I made two tags using Prima's Debutante collection sine this collection has the most beautiful pink theme.

I made a photo step by step tutorials to show you how the tags came together.

1.  Grab the paper collection you like :D

 2. Layer the paper and distress the edges first if you like the look. I added a trim on the tag on the right just for more layers.

 3. Grab some embellishments. I am just using some flowers, prima relics, and prima mini doll. This is a simple tag set. So you don't need many embellishments.

 4. Put the embellishments on the tag and arrange them the way you love. Then, I used chalk paint to draw some circles for that extra touch. Because I only used so little amount of embellishments. It really would look incomplete without adding other elements to direct your eyes to the focus center of the tag.

 5. I like my projects having some detail touches. So I added some glass glitter and beads to the tag. They aren't that attention grabbing but when you look at the project, it just gives you more to look at :)

6. Tada!! there you go!!! This simple set of tags is finished!! 

Thank you so much for watching <3
Hope you like it.

Stay Creative :)

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