Monday, May 19, 2014

Shimmerz Mixed Media Art Journal Page

Hi friends :)

Today I am sharing a loss page art journal page I created as a Shimmerz Education Team Product. The color theme is really simple as you can see. I did not put any words or titles on it either, because this art journal is more like a creation of my feelings than my thoughts.

I always wanted to put some words into my art journal page. But sometimes when I was creating this one, I just didn't know how to describe what I want to say. So I decided just to create what I feel inside.

I first sprayed the background color and used white paint to tone everything down. Then I ripped some newspaper print tissue paper and collaged them onto the background. I love the paint drips on my art journal, so I made my mist run and let them drip away. I took a checkerboard stencil and dazzelerz in color gummy berry blue to create some texture. Then I used Texturez in color Crushed Coral to go over some places to create more texture and layers of colors.

It is a really simple and fast art journal page to create. Hope you like it
Here is the start-to-finish video:

Product List:
--Spritz: Caribbean Sunset, sapphire, Sea Foam
--Vibez: Blue Jeans
--Dazzelerz: Gummy Berry Blue, Tutti Frutti
--Texturez: Crushed Coral

Stay Creative <3