Saturday, May 10, 2014

Prima Something Blue Altered Photo Stand For SaCrafters

Hi friends :)

Today I am sharing a photo stand I made for SaCrafters. All the wood and chipboard product used on this project is from SaCrafters and all the paints are from Shimmerz

Since it finally feels like spring here, I decided to make something with vibrant and fresh colors. The coral and mint green colors are perfect for the spring feeling. 

Every flower was in white color and I painted them mint green and coral. They were a little bit too vibrant when I just painted them. So I went over it with texture paste to tone them down a little.
I painted every wood and chipboard piece white first and then use different paints to color them.

I love those chipboard chains SaCrafters has!! They are the most affordable chipboard chains I can find. I have so many plans for this chain, I don't want to use them all just in one project. So here is a method you can use to save your chipboard embellishments, however, your chipboard embellishments need to be thick to do this. SaCrafters chipboard embellishments are really thick and you can totally use this method.

So what you need to do is very simple, just peel it into different layers, lol. SaCrafters chipboard embellishments can be peeled into 3 layers. You will see me doing this in the start-to-finish video.

Here is the start-to-finish video:

Really hope you like it :))


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