Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Scrapbook Layout: Pew Pew

Hi there :)

I did a layout today for Scrap Around The World September Challenge

The mood board is shown below:

This mood board is so beautiful and inspiring. I took some of the element from the mood board and interpreted my way. Since there are many doodling in the mood board. I did a lot of doodling in my layout too. It is my first time combine doodle and layout together. I actually love this idea and will definitely do it in the future too. I love the bold style in the mood board. So I chose to use many different bold colors. The title of my layout is also kinda bold, lol.
This photo was taken when my BF and I were in Texas at a huge lake. This lake is extremely beautiful. Its so blue and so peaceful. This lake reminds me of ocean, and ocean reminds me of bubbles (yea..bubbles..). That is why I drew a lot of circles on my layout to represent bubbles in the water.
Besides ocean, the blue of the lake also made me think about sky. So I put some butterflies (or moths..) on my layout. To make them looks like they are flying in the sky, I drew some flourish design behind the butterflies. 

Stay Creative <3

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