Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Mixed Media Background Technique #1

Recently, I haven been playing around different mixed media techniques and I have found some very cool techniques. Here is a very simple and fun technique I want to share with you guys. 

What you need:
--> Stamps you like
--> Archival ink (or any ink that is water proof)
--> Tissue paper
--> Mod podge
--> Glimmer mist of your favorite color
(--> The wire mesh is just what I add to make the tag not so boring...)

This is how I did this:
I glimmer misted the whole tag with the colors I like, wait for it to dry. 
Then I stamped all over the tag (I found some very cool stamps in Michaels clearance stamp bin).
Cover the whole tap using tissue paper of your choice. I used tim holtz's tissue paper here.
Before applying the tissue paper, make sure that you have applied a lot mod podge on the tag, so that you can wrinkle the tissue paper the way you like and move it around. 
(If you want to, like I did, before the mod podge is fully dried, rip out some of the tissue paper)
Use your favorite glimmer mist and just do what you want :)))
When the tissue paper is dried, you will notice the stamp image coming through and give it a very settle, grounge background look. 

Stay Creative <3

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