Thursday, March 28, 2013

Mixed Media Background Technique #2

Hi :)))
I am so excited to share a new technique. This is totally inspired by the paint system of tattered angle. You don't have to have the paint system to achieve the look. Use any gilmmer mist and glimmer paint you have, you can create hundreds of different background looks.


Step 1: Spray your background paper with A LOT OF water. The main reason I spray my page with water first is because it will allow the glimmer mist to flow around on your page and blend together. Also, if you don't soak your page with water first, you will need to soak it with your glimmer mist. I am cheap...I like to save my mist. 

Step 2: Use two glimmer mist of your choice and spray the page. Again, the water we sprayed in step 1 will allow the mist to blend.

Step 3: Add a glimmer paint of your choice to the WET page. Use a brush and just draw whatever patter you like. I love to make them look "organic". Add the paint to the WET page will allow the paint to diffuse and give it a more natural look.

Step 4: Add another glimmer paint to your WET page. I like to draw some of the second glimmer paint next to the where I draw with the first paint. Again, I love to make them look organic.

This is how it looks like. All the paints diffused to each other, I just love how it looks.
Hope you like it

Stay Creative <3

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