Friday, June 19, 2015



I am soooo drown in the excitement today I forgot to post it here to share this amazing news with you!

My big crafty dream came true!!! I am on the new Prima Design Team!! 
HUGE congrats to all the extremely talented artists who also made it!! 

Seeing my picture on Prima's blog is like unreal to me. I have to pinch myself so many times before I realized it's really real. I appreciate all the amazing support you guys have been giving me through Facebook, youtube, or my blog. This really kept me going and working hard towards my goal. 

Besides the excitement, I really want to say that I know the sad feelings you get when you didn't make the team. I have experienced the same sad feelings many many times since day one. But don't give up on your dreams! Really really don't!!! Work hard for it and you know what?? opportunities will be there for you!!

Anyways! I can just keep rambling on and on and on. 
Please don't forget to hop over to their blog and show some love too <3

Thank you so much!


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