Thursday, July 24, 2014

Mixed Media Background Technique (WCYDT for Flying Unicorn)

Hi friends!

I am so excited to share with you this mixed media background technique. This technique is great for art journal, card background, and layout background. Basically, it is just a great easy way to create quick mixed media background. I used Shimmerz new product INKLINGZ in this technique. If you want to know the product I used, I introduced it in the beginning of the video :)

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1. wet your background paper with water. You don't have to over wet your paper, just a bit water to make sure the fibers are wet, so that when you spray on your mists, they won't be soaked in immediately.

2. Spray your favorite mists on to the paper. Spray as much or as less as you wish.

3. When the surface is still wet, wet INKLINGZ and apply some colors to the background. Because of the unique creamy consistency of INKLINZ, it will push away the background colors where you apply it. So it won't blend in with the background color and will give a really nice color pay off.
However, the edge will still be blended with the background color. Anyways, the background just turned out looking really good. All the mediums will just do all the job for you. 

4. To add more texture onto the background. Splat some water onto the paper. Let the water splatters sit for about 10 second and dry the water drops. Then you will notice the colors where the water splatters sat are lifted off.

Anyways, hope you like this technique and try it out yourself using your favorite colors :) :) 

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-INKLINGZ: Giddy About Green, Purple
-Coloringz: Mama Sings The Blue
-Vibez: Jeni B Bleu

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