Saturday, August 10, 2013

Mixed Media Art Journal Share: Fly Like A Bird

Recently I am in a moving process and super busy at work...Anyways, I just do not have time to craft... However, art journal is a faster way for me satisfy some of my crave for crafting. This is not the best booking art journal, but at least I had a lot of fun doing it. Hope you enjoy it too.

1. Gesso your background. I gessoed over a doodle I did that I don't like. So, I just covered it..

2. Use a stamp of multiple stamps to stamp all over your page. Right now it looks very overwhelming because of all the stamping. But after you put colors and drawing on your page, only a some of the stamping will show up. Oh, and it is for adding extra texture to the page.

3. Add your favorite color

4. I used texture paste to add additional texture and I paint over my page with water-downed gesso to make the background not so bright. And I drew a bird too..

5. I added some green color to the page just because I like green. lol 
I also paint over the bird with gesso so I can paint the bird more easily.

6. I painted the bird, added some journaling, rubbed some rub-on, and added a piece of paper at the button of the page to represent ground.

Stay Creative :)

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