Saturday, June 8, 2013

Homemade Glimmer Texture Paste

I LOVE glimmer modeling paste but they are expensive to buy. A two-ounce jar of glimmer texture paste can cost you 7 DOLLARS. If you want a lot more glimmer texture paste than just a jar, there are cheaper ways that you can use to produce your own glimmer modeling paste. 

What you need is:
  1. Iridescent Medium (I got this from Hobby Lobby for $8.99, but trust me, this stuff can last you forever and you can do soooo many things with it, like making your own glimmer paint glaze.)
  2. Baby Powder
  3. Glazing medium, or gel medium, or mod podge, or regular glue, or anything like that... 
There are no particular ratio of each ingredient because everyone prefers different consistency. What I did is that I add 1/3 of iridescent medium and 1/3 of the baby powder. The result can be quite thick, so add glazing medium or mod podge to your "taste" until you reach the consistency you want.

The result turns out to be wonderful. It is creamy and can hold its shape very well. It dries fast and is flexible after it's dried. 

Go and try it out. You can add whatever color you want to match your project. 

Stay Creative <3

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